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Είσοδος Χρήστη

Π2.8 D. Sotiros, Y.G. Smirlis, D.K. Despotis (2014). Incorporating Intra- and Inter-Input/Output Weight Restrictions in Piecewise Linear DEA: An Application to the Assessment of the Research Activity in Higher Education. In: A. Emrouznejad and E. Cabanda

Abstract: Standard Data Envelopment Analysis models view all input/output factors
as linear value functions. Piecewise Linear Data Envelopment Analysis
(PL-DEA) is a generalization of the DEA methodology which incorporates piecewise
linear functions of factors to handle situations that do not have a linear impact
on efficiency, as they may exhibit either diminishing or increasing marginal values.
In this chapter we extend PL-DEA to Value-based PL-DEA that incorporates value
judgments and allows common treatment for intra- and inter-input/output weight
restrictions. Value-based PL-DEA further enables a better expression of individual
preferences, enhances the model with the fully units invariance property and also
resolves the discontinuity issue that exist in the original PL-DEA model. Value
based PL-DEA is illustrated by an application to assess the quality and extent of
research work in higher education.