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Είσοδος Χρήστη

Π2.5 Y. Smirlis, D.K. Despotis (2013). Comparative Analysis of the Public Funding for Greek Universities: An Ordinal DEA/MCDM Approach. Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Analysis and Decision Making, World Academy of Science, Engineering

Abstract—This study performs a comparative analysis of the 21
Greek Universities in terms of their public funding, awarded for
covering their operating expenditure. First it introduces a
DEA/MCDM model that allocates the fund into four expenditure
factors in the most favorable way for each university. Then, it
presents a common, consensual assessment model to reallocate the
amounts, remaining in the same level of total public budget. From the
analysis it derives that a number of universities cannot justify the
public funding in terms of their size and operational workload. For
them, the sufficient reduction of their public funding amount is
estimated as a future target. Due to the lack of precise data for a
number of expenditure criteria, the analysis is based on a mixed
crisp-ordinal data set.