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Είσοδος Χρήστη

Π1.7 E. Thanassoulis, D. Sotiros, D.K. Despotis, Y. Smirlis. Assessing research productivity in terms of endogeneity or exogeneity of academic salaries. Efficiency in Education Conference, London September 19-20,

This talk begins with two recent methodological development for comparing units or groups of units in costs terms when input prices are available. The first method treats input prices as endogenous, at least in part, and assesses units on the potential for cost savings through better productivity in technical terms on the one hand, and securing better input prices on the other. The second method takes input prices as exogenous and focuses on comparing Groups of units both in technical and cost terms without recourse to metafrontiers. The presentation will illustrate how these methods can be used to compare academics within their Departments and Departments within academic institutions, treating time devoted to research and qualifications on recruitment of an academic as inputs, and research output in post as the key deliverable. The method assuming endogenous prices will identify potential savings through salary adjustments and/or higher research productivity over time by academics. The method assuming exogenous prices will focus on comparing academic Departments and decompose cost differences into those attributable to salary differences and those attributable to more productive use of time for research.